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Salim Enterprise offers a wide range of Investment opportunities and provides education centres. Established in 2010, Salim Enterprise grows with one idea in mind - to share expertise and provide excellent customer service. We manage and partner with many organisations as well as support national and international enterprises and projects. 

Scent Salim is part of Salim Enterprise. At Salim Enterprise, our core focus is to benefit and create opportunities for others. We have helped over 25 start-ups in the UK and abroad, in setting up and growing their business.


  • Ambassador programme – opportunity to work part-time or full-time from either as a Scent Salim ambassador or to start their own business.

  • Mentoring programme – Mentoring people whole may want to enter a business field and to expand into creating a new career. One example is of a Syrian refugee who visited our store, he was extremely interested in the products, which reminded him of his homeland. We have mentored him to start and run his own store in Sheffield.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – From the very first day, Salim Enterprise was about how we can make a difference in this world. We don’t ask for any donations, but our customers get the reward and satisfaction for this automatically. We have always given a certain percentage of our profits regularly to organisations doing a fantastic job in the UK, Gambia, Pakistan & Albania. 


Over the past ten years, our team thrive from helping others and supporting causes both locally and internationally. We have helped create and support:

  • Children’s education centres and 10 orphanages

  • Numerous wells & water pumps

  • First ever Perfume Bank, as featured on Yorkshire post.

  • Supporting women’s mental hospitals and wellbeing facilities in Asia 

  • Funded over 50 small business projects for individuals to then earn their own living, who at the time had no source of income. 

  • We also support local food banks, charities and community projects

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