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Salim Enterprise offers a wide range of Investment opportunities with great profits.​

Time and time again we wanted to invest in residential property in a particular area. We would see nice coffee shops starting to pop up, steady increases in the number of estate agents setting up shop, regeneration plans being approved – but still didn’t make the step.

We already owned investment property, and had managed it for years.


Well the reality is that buying a residential investment property is more like starting a business than making a simple investment!

  1. Hurdles include a huge up front cash requirement, a mortgage that leaves you exposed to funding significant re-payments if the property is empty between tenants, dipping into your (now depleted) savings account if something goes wrong, not to mention onerous admin and legal obligations.

  2. Our purpose is to solve these problems, starting from scratch with what the investor wants.

  3. We’ve built a platform that will, over time, allow you to choose from properties all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Our partners allows you to invest in specific properties so you can take your view on where and when to invest with as much or as little as you want. You will also have the ability to offer your investment for sale whenever you want, with the added protection of firm opportunities to exit at fair value, that applies equally to small and large investors alike.

  4. We’re delighted to have the backing and support of an experienced group of shareholders, mentors and advisors to help us deliver this service to you. But we’re at the beginning of our journey.

  5. We’ve built a passionate and engaged community of prospective investors, and are poised to offer them their first properties. Selection of these early properties has been driven by what our community is asking for, but with the added benefit of insights from the property industry’s leading participants, analysts and commentators.

  6. We hope you’ll love what we’ve built for you, and continue to engage with us so we can improve it constantly.

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