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What is Al-Saboor Magazine?

Al-Saboor magazine is an A4 glossy Islamic magazine distributed to Masjids, homes and businesses over Yorkshire. We have already distributed over 20,000 thousand copies in the last few years. We have also had over 100,000 readers via our online platforms. The name Al-Saboor is known as one of the names of Allah and translated as 'The Patient'. 


We Pride ourselves on our low cost prices, allowing our advertisers to reap the benefits on the returns they receive. Below are the examples of the advert sizes in the magazine. Please quote the size when contacting us in regards to the advertisement. The new editions will have a digital boost via a new digital marketing platform, this will enable your business to get excellent exposure online. We also hope to target the correct audience in the individual ads campaign. 

How to read Al-Saboor magazine?

As we all know everything is becoming digital, like our popular Facebook page and you will have access to all the editions of the magazine, alongside our weekly reminders below.

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